Find the bee, park for free

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Construction keeps spreading in East Lansing… between road closures and traffic, parking can be impossible.

However, there is a bee flying around town that might help take the sting out of finding a place to park. “Find the Bee, Park for Free,” happens two times a week in the downtown East Lansing area near the shops and restaurants.

“We post a picture on social media, five parking meters are covered, and that provides free parking for the day, that’s over $700 a month in free parking,” said Amy Schlusler-Schmitt, Community Development & Engagement Manager of East Lansing.

Mascot ‘Al the Bee,’ named after construction on Albert Ave., can be spotted handing out free parking vouchers to customers in downtown local businesses. The intent of giving out free parking to customers is a city effort to keep local businesses populated during the construction.

“There are 54 business in the construction zone, so all of those businesses are given vouchers, and now they are going to be given 270 vouchers a month, so every business has a voucher,” Schlusler-Schmitt said.

To stay informed on when “Find the Bee, Park for Free” happens, follow the City of East Lansing Facebook and Twitter pages.

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