MSU Food Bank celebrates 25 years

Brody dining hall on Michigan State’s campus is the largest non-military cafeteria in the world. There are also 20 Sparty’s and eight other cafeterias on campus. However, with all these resources, you wouldn’t expect students going hungry. “What we found was that 4.4% of MSU students are in the low to very low food security category, which means that there eating pattern may become disrupted because of lack of sufficient resources for food,” said Anne Buffington, nutrition programs coordinator. Dennis Martell, health promotion department director, said that the food bank was opened in 1993 because the faculty and staff realized there were students who were food insecure.

Bringing Lansing to eBay

With the help of online shopping, people from all over the world are able to shop and help support businesses. Now, people from all over the world can shop and help support businesses in the greater Lansing area through eBay. It’s all part of eBay’s Retail Revival program where Lansing entrepreneurs and small business owners get the opportunity to sell their merchandise and goods online. “I’ve sold things just from my website to people across the country, but it’s me promoting it, but it’s nice to have eBay on my side and to help me promote my stuff as well,” said Cori Thackery, Owner of Sweetlees Boutique. Thackery wanted to be a part of the program because she says eBay is a platform she has never really sold on before and she thought she would reach a whole new customer base.

What’s the Skoop?

With free CATA services to students on campus, it’s a popular way for students to get to class; among biking, driving, walking, and riding a moped. Now, an MSU sophomore brought a new option to campus. It is called Skoop, a pedicab to get students anywhere on campus. “We started looking into low cost, energy efficient, eco-friendly forms of transportation and we ultimately got to the pedicab,” said CEO and Founder of Skoop, Inc., Josh Cooper. Cooper created Skoop so students could get from different spots on campus for free.

MSU students campaign for midterm elections

With the 2018 midterm elections recently behind us, MSU students worked overtime the weekend before the election to encourage people to get out and vote. Members of the MSU College Republicans used the weekend to work the phones and to knock on doors as a last minute push to support their candidates and encourage people to vote. “We have a senate candidate up for election, all the state reps, all the state senators are up for election, governor, and a lot of other positions, so we think it’s really important to make sure people are going out and voting,” said Aleks Oslapas, Chair of MSU College Republicans. Midterm elections are known for having a lower voter turnout than presidential elections; the message to get out and vote was a strong one this year. “Again it all goes back to getting people to get out to vote.

A new way to get around campus, Skoop

Students can get around campus on foot, bike, skateboard, CATA and most recently, the Bird and Lime scooters. But now, there is another alternative. It’s called Skoop… a free service created so students don’t have to pay for transportation or walk far distances. To ride in a Skoop, all you have to do is simply wave them down like a taxi cab, and get in.

Suspect found in murder of MSU student

On Friday, October 12th, a Michigan State University student was fatally shot at 25 East Apartments. The shooting happened in the early morning hours in front of building seven. Senior, Eddie Koneczny, said he was up around 2:30 a.m. when he heard gunshots. “I was up at like 2:30 in the morning, just laying down on my laptop when I heard what I thought was gun shots, but I didn’t know if it was a car crashing or a gun shot,” he said. Gunshots that killed 22-year-old, Texas native, Isai Berrones, a senior at MSU.

Men’s basketball team given Big Ten Rings

At Michigan State Madness on Oct. 5, the men’s basketball team was called on stage to receive their Big Ten Championship rings. The men’s team earned their Big Ten Championship rings after winning the regular season title last year. The 2017-2018 team finished 16-2 in conference play and look to defend that title in an expanded 20 game Big Ten schedule this year. At the first practice of this season, Tom Izzo addressed who the leaders were this year.

Magic at Michigan State Madness

The annual Michigan State Madness was held at the Breslin on October 5. Doors opened at 8:30 to the public with ceremonies starting at 9:30. Fans attending the event where able to get autographs and pictures with the basketball teams before the real fun started. Special guests included the band and drum line, the cheerleaders, dance team, Sparty, both men and women basketball teams and of course both head coaches. However, this Michigan State Madness was more significant than years past.

East Lansing bulk leaf collection

With temperatures dropping, and leaves changing colors, fall is officially here. It is important to dispose of leaves early and properly this fall season to avoid a fine. A local ordinance in East Lansing prohibits yard waste such as leaves from being deposited in parks, streets, or any public property. In an effort to help the residents of East Lansing, bulk leaf collection will be offered six times through the October and November months. Leaf collection will start on the city’s east side during the weeks of Oct.

Find the bee, park for free

Construction keeps spreading in East Lansing… between road closures and traffic, parking can be impossible. However, there is a bee flying around town that might help take the sting out of finding a place to park. “Find the Bee, Park for Free,” happens two times a week in the downtown East Lansing area near the shops and restaurants. “We post a picture on social media, five parking meters are covered, and that provides free parking for the day, that’s over $700 a month in free parking,” said Amy Schlusler-Schmitt, Community Development & Engagement Manager of East Lansing.