March 15, 2013 CNS Budget

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March 15, 2013 – Week 8
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IN-DEPTH AHEAD: Next Friday, March 22, will be our second in-depth file of the semester.
CLASSROOMCELLPHONES: Three-quarters of U.S. teens have cellsphones, but that doesn’t mean schools welcome them in the classroom. Many districts punish their use in class, including seizing them. A Hope College expert says high schools should do a better job of using social media in class. We hear about policies in Holland, Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Traverse City and statewide. By Cortney Erndt. FOR HOLLAND, BIG RAPIDS, TRAVERSE CITY & ALL POINTS.
DIGITALFILINGS: New legislation would expand digital and electronically filed court records, a change that could save tax dollars and make public access to documents easier but raises privacy concerns. It’s available in Ottawa, Macomb and Oakland counties but Mecosta County doesn’t plan to change from paper. Sponsors include legislators from Ypsilanti, Fraser, Oxford and Park Township. By Kyle Campbell. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS JOURNAL, MACOMB, ROYAL OAK, BIG RAPIDS, MICHIGAN CITIZEN, DEADLINE DETROIT, LANSING & ALL POINTS.
MIBEERINDUSTRY: The state’s beer industry is hopping,  new national study shows. There are 17 new breweries, including ones in Lake Leelanau, Marquette, Big Rapids and Grand Rapids, although ones in Webberville  and Grand Rapids have gone belly up in recent years. A Holland brewer’s new book is coming soon. For news and business pages. By Celeste Bott. FOR HOLLAND, MARQUETTE, LANSING, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, TRAVERSE CITY & ALL POINTS.
STUDENTRANKINGS: At Petoskey High School, no student goes to the head of the class because the district no longer ranks seniors. Other Northern Michigan districts, including Brimley, Alpena and Traverse City, retain ranking systems, but some educators question their worth. Ferris State, Central, Northern, U of M, MSU and Grand Valley don’t consider rankings in admission decisions. By Justine McGuire. FOR PETOSKEY, MARQUETTE, ALPENA, TRAVERSE CITY, BIG RAPIDS, HOLALND, BIG RAPIDS, MANISTEE, LUDINGTON, GREENVILLE, BAY MILLS, ST. IGNACE & ALL POINTS.
OUT-OF-STATEENROLLMENTS: As state aid to public universities shrinks as a proportion of their budgets, institutions are attracting more out-of-state and international students who pay much higher tuition. U of M has long been a magnet, but Michigan Tech draws heavily from Wisconsin, as Eastern Michigan does from Ohio, while the vast majority of Oakland students are in-staters. By Edith Zhou. FOR MARQUETTE, ROYAL OAK, LANSING, MICHIGAN CITIZEN, BIG RAPIDS, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS  MACOMB, DEADLINE DETROIT & ALL POINTS.
w/OUT-OF-STATEENROLLMENTSCHART: Number of out-of-state students at each public university. Source: Senate Fiscal Agency.
BOYGOVERNOR: Dirty politics in Michigan is nothing new. The state’s first and youngest governor, Stevens T. Mason, found out the hard way in the state’s earliest years. By Eric Freedman. FOR LANSING, DEADLINE DETROIT, MICHIGAN CITIZEN & ALL POINTS.
w/BOYGOVERNORPHOTO: Cover of “The Boy Governor: Stevens T. Mason and the Birth of Michigan Politics.” Credit University of Michigan Press.
w/BOYGOVERNORGRAPHIC: Table with ages of the most recent five governors when they were elected.

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