Dec. 7, 2012 CNS Budget

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Dec. 7, 2012 – Week 14
To: CNS Editors
From: Eric Freedman, Sheila Schimpf & Dawn Parker
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FINAL REGULAR FILE: This is our final regular CNS file of the semester. Next week we’ll move a bonus budget of still-timely stories you may have lacked space for earlier in the semester. Our first
RECRUITSCHOOL: We go inside the State Police’s 124th Trooper Recruit school, talking to recruits from Holland and Traverse City, as well as the commander and instructors stationed in Mount Pleasant and Oak Park. By Anjana Schroeder. FOR HOLLAND, TRAVERSE CITY & ALL POINTS.
w/RECRUITSCHOOLTABLE: A typical day’s schedule at the State Police Academy.
MEDICALGRANTS: A $21 million federal grant is intended to reduce the doctor shortage in Detroit and other underserved parts of the state and get more primary care physicians working in such communities. The state Medical Society and MSU Osteopathic Medicine College explain. By Anjana Schroeder. FOR MICHIGAN CITIZEN, MACOMB, ROYAL OAK, LANSING & ALL POINTS.
ROADFUNDING: Don’t look for a short-term solution to Michigan’s underfunded road system, MDOT and county officials say. A Saline lawmaker says more money for highways and bridges isn’t a legislative priority, and the Road Commission for Oakland County is patching up old trucks rather than replacing them. By Silu Guo. FOR ROYAL OAK, BLISSFIELD, MICHIGAN CITIZEN & ALL POINTS.
GRADUATEENROLLMENTS: Graduate school enrollments are down slightly nationally, a new study shows, and the situation is similar in Michigan. At Central Michigan, for example… The economic impact on communities is greater at regional universities than at U of M, Wayne State and MSU. By Edith Zhou. FOR ANN ARBOR, OAKLAND, MICHIGAN CITIZEN, MACOMB, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, BIG RAPIDS, LANSING, MARQUETTE, GLADWIN & ALL POINTS.
RESTAREAS: MDOT will close five of 81 highway rest areas this winter for safety reasons and due to low use. They’re near St. Ignace, Ludington, Topinabee, Hebron and Hart. We hear from MDOT and business/tourism officials in Cheboygan, Ludington and St. Ignace. By Lauren Gentile. FOR LUDINGTON, MANISTEE, MARQUETTE, ST. IGNACE, CHEBOYGAN, PETOSKEY & ALL POINTS.
GOVERNMENTJOBS: For recent college grads wanting government positions, overall opportunities continue to shrink. But some local governments are still hiring. We hear from experts at Grand Valley, MSU and the Prosecuting Attorneys Association, plus someone who landed a job with the city of Grand Rapids. By Silu Guo. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, LANSING, MICHIGAN CITIZEN & ALL POINTS.
COMMERCIALDRIVERS: A federal study shows gaps in the system used to keep commercial drivers with medical disabilities such as epilepsy off the roads. We talk to the state Trucking Association, General Accountability Office and Secretary of State’s office. For news and business pages. By Lauren Gentile. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS & ALL POINTS.
THERMOELECTRIC: Researchers at Wayne State, U-M and MSU are working on ways to capture and use energy lost from vehicle exhausts and industrial processes. The new thermoelectric material provides a cheaper way to turn otherwise-wasted heat energy into something useful, like electricity. GM is looking at ways to use waste hear from cars to power peripheral electronics. By Celeste Bott. FOR ROYAL OAK, MACOMB, LANSING, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN CITIZEN, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS & ALL POINTS.
HEPATITISEDUCATION: The state will use a $1.6 million federal grant to improve surveillance and prevention hepatitis, an increasingly prevalent disease, witgh7,000+ cases reported last year. A recent summit for health professionals took place in Grand Rapids. We hear from the Community Health director and Wayne State, U-M and MSU researchers. By Celeste Bott. FOR MICHIGAN CITIZEN, ANN ARBOR, LANSING, ROYAL OAK, MACOMB, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS & ALL POINTS.
GYPSYMOTH: Gypsy moth infestations in Michigan have eased, a U.S. Forest Service study says, but the emerald ash borer and beech bark beetle continue to devastate the woods. Ottawa National Forest and DNR experts explain. By Yanjie Wang. FORM ARQUETTE, ST. IGNACE, CADILLAC, GLADWIN, CRAWFORD COUNTY, LUDINGTON, LAKE COUNTY, MANISTEE, BIG RAPIDS, HERALD REVIEW, HOLLAND, GREENVILLE, ALPENA, CHEBOYGAN, PETOSKEY, TRAVERSE CITY, HARBOR SPRINGS  & ALL POINTS.
IMMIGRANTBUSINESS: The Snyder administration wants more immigrant entrepreneurs to come to Michigan and launch businesses, but such endeavors are nothing new. We talk to immigrants who started their own successful businesses years ago in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Lansing. By Yanjie Wang. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, MICHIGAN CITIZEN, MACOMB, ROYAL OAK, ANN ARBOR, LANSING & ALL POINTS.
LOWWATER: Well owners face problems when farms, agri-industries and other water-hungry enterprises use lots of groundwater, especially in the Western and Northern Lower Peninsula. A legislative attempt to reinstate a system that encourages out-of-court solutions may die at the end of December. We hear from DEQ, Agriculture and Rural Development, a state Supreme Court expert and lawmakers from Elkton and Midland. By Lauren Gibbons. FOR BROWN CITY, LAPEER, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, CHEBOYGAN, TRAVERSE CITY, ALPENA, GLADWIN, LAKE COUNTY, BIG RAPIDS, MANISTEE, HOLLAND, GREENVILLE, CADILLAC, HERALD REVIEW, GLADWIN, CRAWFORD COUNTY, BLISSFIELD, PETOSKEY, LUDINGTON, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS & ALL POINTS.
LIQUORSALES: The Liquor Control Commission is considering rules changes that will make it easier for small gas stations and convenience stores to sell beer and wine. By Lauren Gibbons. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS & ALL POINTS
MUSKIES: DNR has turned a corner in muskellunge production, stocking only Great Lakes rather than northern muskie in Michigan waters, Its Wolf Lake hatchery in Mattawan produces the muskie, which is well-established in Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River system. The northern is native to only part of the western U.P. For news and outdoors pages. By Edith Zhou. FOR MACOMB, MARQUETTE, LAPEER, CADILLAC, ALPENA, LUDINGTON, MANISTEE, BIG RAPIDS, HERALD REVIEW, HOLLAND, CRAWFORD COUNTY, ST. IGNACE, CHEBOYGAN, TRAVERSE CITY, PETOSKEY, GLADWIN & ALL POINTS.
SAFEDRIVING: Thirty-four high schools in 15 counties are getting $2,000 grants so students can design safe driving campaigns for their classmates focusing on topics such as distracted driving. Among them are schools in Macomb, Jackson, Ottawa, Ingham and Washtenaw counties and Detroit. The Office of Highway Safety Planning, Ford and AAA run the program. By Edith Zhou. FOR HOLLAND, JACKSON, ANN ARBOR, MACOMB, MICHIGAN CITIZEN, LANSING & ALL POINTS.
ENERGYEFFICIENCY: A nonprofit organization has expanded its Southeast Michigan-focused low-interest loan program statewide to help businesses finance energy efficiency projects and cut energy costs. Previous beneficiaries include a Detroit café and a Metro Detroit grocery chain. Meanwhile, the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce and municipal utility are providing similar loans for local loans. By Saodat Asanova-Taylor. FOR MACOMB, ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN CITIZEN, TRAVERSE CITY, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS & ALL POINTS.
PHARMACEUTICALS: The emerging threat of pharmaceuticals, everyday chemicals and personal care products in drinking water may be the most difficult problem facing water treatment plants. Treatment plants in the Great Lakes region that use such membrane technology include14 on Lake Michigan, 13 on Lake Huron, five on Lake Superior and two on Lake Erie. DEQ, a Traverse City expert and Alliance for the Great Lakes explain. By Dmitri Barvonik. FOR TRAVERSE CITY, PETOSKEY, HARBOR SPRINGS, CHEBOYGAN, ST. IGANCE, MARQUETTE, ALPENA, HOLLAND, MANISTEE, LUDINGTON, SOIUTH BEND, MACOMB, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS & ALL POINTS.

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