Sept. 30, 2011 CNS Budget

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To: CNS Editors
From: David Poulson & Vic Rauch
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IMMIGRANTS – A little-noticed provision in a looming set of changes to drivers license requirements could prohibit some immigrants from getting a Michigan drivers license. Critics say it sends an unwelcoming message to potential job creators. by Shannan O’Neil FOR HOLLAND AND ALL POINTS
AGRICULTURE – Agriculture is one of Michigan’s economic bright spots yet farm education is on of the first places schools cut to balance their budgets. Lawmakers are considering online agricultural science education as a solution.  by Courtney Culey FOR BIG RAPIDS, CLARE AND ALL POINTS
BROWNFIELDS – Local economic developers are scrambling for state support as tax incentives that encouraged the redevelopment of contaminated urban sites are set to expire. by Jacob Kanclerz FOR MARQUETTE, CADILLAC AND ALL POINTS
HELMETS – Longtime advocates for the repeal of the motorcycle helmet law hope they have a friend in Gov. Rick Snyder. They’re now citing the impact on Michigan tourism in the perennial fight over the issue. By Paige Houpt FOR ALL POINTS
ASSETTEST – Welfare advocates are scrambling to reverse a state policy that would require assets to be tested before legislative moves to establish it as law. by Alex Mitchell FOR ALL POINTS
PARKS – Appointees to a new panel on state parks are faced with finding ways to support maintenance and improvements while attracting a generation of users raised on video games. By Nick McWherter FOR ALL POINTS
ALLOWANCE – Next September, an estimated 29,700 of Michigan’s poorest children will be stripped of a back-to-school clothing allowance designed to help boost their self-esteem. By Paige Houpt FOR ALL POINTS
UNEMPLOYEDVETS – Post 9/11 veterans returning to Michigan have the worst unemployment rate in the nation.  By Sam Inglot.  FOR ALL POINTS
SOILPOLLUTION – With a bit of help, farmers can now improve their land and reduce farm runoff into Lake Huron, one ton of soil a time. A group interested in protecting the lake’s water quality is providing funds to farmers to reduce the draining of sediment, fertilizers and other soil pollutants into the lake. By Emma Ogutu. FOR ALPENA, CHEBOYGAN AND ALL POINTS

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