Ingham county residents enjoy free zoo day  

Potter Park Zoo welcomed Ingham county tourists with free admission on Oct.7. This event happens every year on the first Saturday of October. “Doing a free day is a sort of giving back to them (residents), since they supported us,” said Sarah Pechtel, the general curator of the zoo. “Free day is also a great way to experience something positive from that,” Pechtel continued. Encompassing over 20 acres and featuring more than 500 individual animals of  160 different species, the Potter Park Zoo has three conservation efforts that support the black rhino, red panda, and Puerto Rican crested toad.

Williamston hosts its annual Williamston History Day Tours

Williamston held its annual Williamston History Day Tours on Oct. 7. There were five sites on the free tour: The Williamston Depot Museum, Branch School, Summit, Mount Calvary and Foote cemeteries. The museum’s vice president and Williamston High School history teacher, Mitch Lutzke, has helped coordinate the event the past seven years. “Community members really like it,” said Lutzke.