Does makeup have diversity?

EAST LANSING, Michigan — For years, men and women have struggled with the idea of finding the right shade of beauty for their skin and having it fit to their complexion and skin type.  

There has always been a debate between drugstore makeup companies like Maybelline and Covergirl compared to high-brand cosmetic companies like Urban Decay and Rihanna’s new line “Fenty Beauty.”

Christopher George, who works at Sephora in Lansing and is responsible for matching customers to the right type of makeup for their skin type, said, “Many people have said that the difference between drugstore and Sephora is the quality. Though that may be true, it’s probably just based on their skin type.”

Skin type is different for every person. One can be oily and one can be dry. No one has the same skin type — just like no one has the same skin color.

Q & A about fluid fashion with Rebecca Schuiling

EAST LANSING, Michigan — Men and women’s fashion has had distinguishable characteristics according to how one separates between genders.  

Men’s fashion has been known to have more masculine characteristics — structured bottoms and tops.  Women’s fashion has a more feminine touch with loose fitting pieces that emphasize a female approach.  

Androgynous fashion is clothing that can be worn by both men and women. Recently, fashion has been blurring the lines between what is considered “gender specific.”

The Spartan Newsroom interviewed an individual who has opinions about what gender fluidity actually means to them and what is to come of androgynous fashion:

What do you do at MSU?

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#RelationshipGoals can serve as a positive standard to set relationships to — but also pose as a risk for unhealthy comparisons 

Couples with vast followings on social media can project a flawless image of what a relationship looks like. Physical attractiveness. Health and fitness. Luxury. But social media users’ potential overexposure to these seemingly-effortless relationships on millions of’ timelines could be raising the standards for relationships.

White pennant banner with a capital letter "U" against a blue, polka dot background.

Assemble U offers community-based learning for the Michigan music industry

Crabs in a barrel. That’s how Nicole Churchill, one of the three founding members of Assemble Sound, describes Detroit’s music industry. “When you think about crabs in a literal barrel, when one or two start to crawl to the top, the other crabs try to pinch at them and pull at their legs and drag them back down,” Churchill said. “It’s a metaphor for what support has commonly been like in the industry. Detroit’s the birthplace of a ton of different music genres, but a lot of people don’t realize that the talent never went anywhere.

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The Spartan Newsroom covers the latest headlines:

Matt Lauer fired from NBC’s “Today” for sexual harassment. Trump Administration reverses Elephant ban on importing elephants. Prince Harry engages Suits star Meghan Markle. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson is still a hit. NFL and Players Coalition committed to spending $89 million on social justice reforms in African-American neighborhoods.