Toledo’s virtual schools face criticism

Victoria BorodinovaSept. 8 marks the date for K-12 students at TPS to log on to their virtual classrooms, remote learning could be mandatory for as long as the entire first semester. TOLEDO — Creating an online educational option equal to an in-classroom environment is proving troublesome for Toledo Public Schools. “To say my things are upside down in my life is an understatement,” said Patricia Mazur, director of communications for TPS. “Virtual schools cannot fully resemble in-person schooling.”

Amidst the worsening COVID-19 pandemic, TPS has announced that “up to the entire first semester” will be taught 100% remotely, offering virtual “e-schooling” from grades K-12.

Virtual Classrooms at MSU

Michigan State University Journalism Instructor Bonnie Bucqueroux understands how difficult it can be to get to campus when conditions are poor. “I have a dirt driveway, a half mile uphill, and, in the ice storms, it’s absolutely impassable,” Bucqueroux said. And with last year’s harsh winter, she took advantage of technology out of concern for her students. “I could get out, but I worried about my students coming across campus. I said, ‘Today, we’re going to hold the class virtually.’