Meridian Township PD enforces, evolves during pandemic


Meridian Township PD Facebook pageMeridian Township’s police department responds via phone or in-person to complaints about residents not wearing masks and hosting large gatherings. Meridian Township Police protocol 

To enforce Governor Whitmer’s executive order that mandates masks and restricts gatherings, the Meridian Township Police Department has been playing their part to ensure citizens follow protocol. 

Ken Plaga, Meridian Township Police Chief, the department is doing complaint-based visits. “If somebody calls with a concern with somebody not following the Governor’s order, not wearing a mask or having a gathering that is too large we will send officers out to conduct an investigation,” said Ken Plaga. “Our goal is not to issue citations or seek criminal charges but we’ve been fortunate to receive compliance from most people that we come in contact with,” he said. Changes within the Police Department

COVID-19 has also changed the way the Meridian Township PD operates.