Planning Commission approves bank proposal

The Meridian Township Planning Commission discussed plans for a new bank that if approved for rezoning will be located at the Meridian Mall in front of Macy’s. The proposal states the building will encompass 2,500 square feet, feature two drive-thru tellers and one ATM lane. The bank will also include 25 parking spots and two access driveways that will connect to the southside of Mall Drive. Construction will begin in 2021. 

The proposed location at 1982 Grand River Ave. Okemos, Michigan.

Pricey Parking Problems in Downtown Lansing

By Kristen Alberti
Listen Up, Lansing

As Michigan State University junior Emily Malachowski pulls in and out of parking lots and garages in Downtown Lansing searching for a cheap spot, she can’t help but think to herself how much easier it would have been to just stay home that day. Downtown Lansing is not only home to the Michigan State Capitol, but also many shops, restaurants, and attractions that keep visitors returning to the city. Although this is so, one very prominent problem is how expensive parking is in the area. It’s no secret that Downtown has scarce free parking and some pretty outrageous parking prices that are not only hurting Lansing residents, but also Lansing businesses and tourism sites, according to some Lansing business owners. Cher Kiesel, owner of the Spotted Dog Cafe located on South Washington Square, is in agreement that it’s difficult to park and make deliveries around the streets of Lansing.