Michigan environmentalists fear for natural resources under Trump

Capital News Service
LANSING — It’s early days for the Trump administration, but environmental advocates throughout Michigan already are alarmed about the future of the state’s public lands and natural resources. Mike Berkowitz, legislative director of the Sierra Club’s Michigan chapter, is one of many who views the state’s lands as particularly vulnerable under the new president and his controversial cabinet picks. “The people that he’s been putting in a position of leadership are very concerning to us,” Berkowitz said, emphasizing the ties many of them have to corporate interests. “We have seen a huge proliferation of money, largely from the fossil fuel industry, coming into politics and weighing into campaigns at the detriment of people who care about the environment,” Berkowitz said. Sierra Club leaders said the environment has become a political issue in recent decades, althoughprotection of natural resources was a bipartisan concern in the past.

Wild swine numbers drop – or do they?

Capital News Service
LANSING – Wild pigs in Michigan are still pests. The number of feral swine significantly decreased according to Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reports but at least one interest group says the numbers are wrong. The report shows three counties — Mecosta, Midland and Saginaw — had the highest numbers of feral swine in 2012. In 2012, there were five sightings and 16 killings of wild swine in Mecosta County. So far this year, the number dropped to no sightings and only six killings.