Bill would add handguns to camp safety classes

Capital News Service
LANSING – Would you let your child handle a pistol if you were not present? Legislation introduced in the House would allow youth in a camp-like setting to receive firearms instruction and safety training from professional instructors without parent or guardian supervision. Currently the Boy Scouts offer rifle and shotgun instruction from professionals but the bill would allow Scouts to begin practicing with handguns. Rep. Phil Potvin, R-Cadillac, introduced the legislation. “Scouting, shooting and hunting are things that are deeply ingrained in the heritage of our life in northern and mid-Michigan, “Potvin said.

Local officials fear final end of personal property tax

Capital News Service
LANSING – Local governments across northern Michigan would face more budget cuts because of a personal property tax proposal passed by the Senate and awaiting House action. The proposal would exempt businesses from taxes on personal property like machines, desks and supplies. Local governments rely on the personal property tax to finance public services. Josh Reid, who chairs the Gladwin County Board of Commissioners, said he is not confident that the state will make up the loss if the proposal becomes law. “We have zero confirmation there will be replacement revenue,” he said.