Local governments want revenue sharing increase

Capital News Service
LANSING — Many Michigan communities are feeling the pinch of the loss of $7.5 billion in state revenue sharing funds since 2002. And so now they’re gearing up to pressure for its return. On Monday, April 21, the Michigan Municipal League plans to unveil a new online tool at a press conference that explains how communities are harmed by these cuts. “We are simply not adequately funding local government, and you can see the impact across the state,” said Anthony Minghine, associate executive director of finance and chief operating officer of the organization, which represents cities and villages. “All we’ve done is put band aids on the system, and I think it’s time we work to actually fix things.”
Although the league is not asking for specific changes at the press conference, it said it hopes the database’s unveiling will stoke the conversation surrounding local government, Minghine said.