Trump’s budget could result in defunding of Meals on Wheels

President Trumps 54 million dollar budget proposal cuts large parts of federal government funding which could potentially affect the disabled and senior citizens. In Ingham County alone meals on wheels delivers about five hundred thousand meals a year and has 21 different sites that volunteers work from. “I’m concerned that the seniors who are sitting in there homes and are hearing about the program being cut, how they’re feeling,” said Carl Buonodono Nutrition Director for Meals on Wheels. 

President Trumps budget plan will potentially cut the Older Americans Act and the Development Block Grant which equates to being about half of Meals on Wheels funding. 

This potential cut of funding would lead to there being less sites open which means those who receive food from the program will no longer be able to do so. This budget plan not only affects those who get meals but also those who deliver them. 90 year old Robert Mac-Kinnon who goes by Bob, has been a Meals on Wheels volunteer for 15 year and feels with out Meals on Wheels he wouldn’t get his daily joy of helping others.

Volunteers in High Demand for Meals on Wheels

By Jack Nissen
Clinton County Chatter

Fred Smitz, a resident of Clinton County, is bed-ridden. With the inability to move or speak, he relies on those around him to attend to even his most basic needs. While family bears the brunt of most of the responsibility, Meals on Wheels, one of the Tri-County Office of Aging’s programs, assists in the food packaging and delivery of meals to Smitz. “Fred has been a recipient of Meals on Wheels for about a year,” said Gale Smitz, Fred Smitz’s wife. “Being on low income, the program has helped us out a lot.”

Many adults over the age of 60 share Gale Smitz’s husband’s dependency.