Kalamazoo commissioner candidates gear up for August election

Kalamazoo County’s unofficial candidate list for the upcoming primary election August 2, 2022 lists mostly county commissioners as candidates. Out of the nine districts within Kalamazoo County, the first, third and seventh are the only districts without a candidate running as of mid March. Map of the nine districts of Kalamazoo, out of these districts the first, third and seventh do not have a commissioner candidate yet. Screenshot from the Kalamazoo County Government website. Behind the scenes look at the election

The 2022 election, like past elections, faces staffing issues.

In the shadow of Kalamazoo, police hope to keep Grand Ledge safe

By Madison Morse
Living in the Ledge Staff Reporter

An act of violence can occur at any moment, place or time. This became all too real on Feb. 20 when a mass shooting in Kalamazoo left six people dead and two injured. This tragedy has the community of Grand Ledge
buckling down to stay one of the safest cities in Michigan. “We can take a lot of information from the shootings,” said Lt. Chris Blievernicht of the Grand Ledge Police Department.