Summer Environmental Budget #1, June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016 — Summer Environmental Budget #1
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FIRST SUMMER ENVIRONMENTAL COVERAGE: Through our partnership with Great Lakes Echo, this is the first of three summer packages of Michigan environmental stories. The others will come in early July and early August. ENVIRONMENTAL PODCASTS:
You may also want to use these two Great Lakes Echo Michigan environmental podcasts by Marie Orttenburger on your website:
“Everyone into the (vernal) pool”:
“Turning off the lights to see the sky’s stories”:
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FERRYRESEARCH: Tourists traveling on the Emerald Isle ferry between Charlevoix and Beaver Island are riding with groundbreaking cargo this summer, equipment to detect changes in Lake Michigan’s temperature and chemistry courtesy of Central Michigan University. Among the benefits, the temperature data may help recreational and commercial anglers predict fish behavior, By Josh Bender.

Retired zoologist reveals unseen life through his art

Capital News Service
LANSING — James Atkinson’s art draws inspiration from a plethora of microscopic life found in a single drop of pond water. The St. Clair County artist paints from still images taken from videos of organisms that the retired zoologist shoots through a microscope. Filming the critters began as a way to engage students during his teaching career at Michigan State University. Painting came toward the end of his 43-year academic career, he said.