Ingham Intermediate Superintendent Kogut to retire at end of school year

By Austin H. Goodman

Ingham County Chronicle

Mason, Mich., – The Thorburn Education Center was host to the monthly Ingham Intermediate School District Board meeting on Tuesday. Typically, meetings call to order at 6 p.m. EST, but at February 17th’s meeting the board decided to hold the meeting at 5p.m. The search for a new superintendent began following the meeting. Mr. Stanley Kogut will be retiring at the end of the spring semester, after ten years as superintendent and working within the district for 25 years,

Kogut began his tenure as superintendent in July 2005 and is most reputable for his work in collaborating with other districts “to really accept that it is the I.S.D. responsibility to be accountable for student achievement.”

According to the superintendent, he believes in “serving before you lead” to secure trust in his peers. Kogut said he understands that it is no short task to have everyone make sense of your methods or techniques, “It is about building that trust up over the years and making sure that there is a benefit to them and everyone else.”

Kogut will be ending his career within the Ingham I.S.D. in June with the conclusion of the 2014-2015 school year. Listen to the Ingham County Chronicles’ first podcast for interviews from Tuesday’s Board meeting with Michael Flowers and superintendent, Stan Kogut. 

Three school districts expecting new technology

By Erin Eschels
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Bonds have passed in Waverly Community Schools, Okemos Public Schools and East Lansing Public Schools that give them money to purchase and update their technology. On Feb. 18, the Ingham Intermediate School District Board of Education discussed what the future looks like for these districts. Waverly Community Schools normally functions on a 5-year cycle of replacement for instructional computers with secondary equipment being replaced in between. Now, with extra money to spend, Waverly’s Director of Technology Al Momrik said, “We hope to continue to purchase technology equipment for classrooms, such as interactive boards, document cameras, projectors, DVD burners, etc.

Online schools becoming more popular, increasing Ingham's enrollment

By Erin Eschels
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

This year’s total enrollment has gone up from about 800 to 1,500 students in the school district. However, some of this 115 percent increase includes virtual students, which seems to be picking up. On Feb. 18, the Ingham Intermediate School District Board of Education had their regular meeting at the Thorburn Education Center in Mason, Mich. The members of the board discussed topics dealing with enrollment, budgets, and position changes within the district.

Mason students receive free tuition at The Early College at LCC

By Amanda Cowherd
Mason Times staff writer

On Monday, Feb. 10, Steve Rosales showed a presentation about The Early College at LCC, a free program he directs, to the Mason Board of Education. All Ingham County sophomores are invited to apply to The Early College, informally known as TEC. Students in TEC leave their high schools and receive a blended high school and college education for three years. Rosales, who works for Lansing Community College, compared the program to taking an 11th, 12th and 13th grade program.