Focal Point Fall 2012 [Show 3]

A former Spartan shares his experience during Superstorm Sandy that left thousands on the east coast without electricity. The I-96 shooter is still on the loose and students are thinking twice before taking the freeway home. Final efforts to get out the vote are underway and Michigan Senate candidates, Debbie Stabenow and Pete Hoekstra talk about what they would do to be successful. Students react to Tiger’s World Series loss and Dantonia stays positive in light of the Spartan football season. Reporters: Lauren Gentile, Chloe Hill, Josh Sidorowicz and Edith Zhou

Focal Point is an Emmy awarding winning, student produced newscast from the School of Journalism at Michigan State University.

Voters’ interests range broadly from jobs to education

Editor’s note: Reporters from Writing and Reporting News I fanned out across the area to talk to voters about the issues that are most important to them in this presidential election. Here’s a collection of their interviews:

MSU freshman Darren Weiss, who identifies as a Republican, said there are two issues for him: jobs and taxes. “I like Romney’s plan to bring back jobs,” said Weiss, of Birmingham, as he filled his gas tank recently at an East Lansing station. “Not taxing the rich as much will therefore create more money and jobs for the middle class, which I consider myself to be a part of.”

Then, as Weiss shook his head in confidence, he said, “You know, although it may have seemed like Obama would win this election in a landslide a few months ago, I think that Romney has snuck up on a lot of people, especially after that positive showing in the first presidential debate.”
— Max Gun
Alyssa Eastwood was at MSU’s Main Library studying economics — her major and the important issue to her in the presidential election. Eastwood, a senior, considers herself a liberal, but said that in high school she was more conservative.

Focal Point Fall 2012 [Show 2]

With elections coming up soon and debates underway, we take a look at how much students care about the 2012 elections. And if they do care, will they choose to vote absentee and how do they decide who to vote for? Students living at St. Anne’s lofts react to the many empty promises from the complex. MSU’s homecoming parade and float building is a great start for a week of Spartan pride as Sparty watch goes underway before the big game against Michigan.

MSU Students and Faculty talk about Important Election Issues

By Rose Keane
MI First Election

With issues like abortion, the economy, the war, and the deficit polarizing voters across the country, Rose Keane asks the students and faculty of Michigan State University’s Lansing campus what issues are most important to them. Healthcare and the deficit were the most commonly given answers.