Increased efforts in April to curb distracted driving

Capital News Service
LANSING — Michigan drivers have more incentive to keep their eyes on the road now than ever, as more eyes will be watching them throughout the month. More than 170 law enforcement agencies will be out in force in April to cut down on the frequency of distracted driving incidents, the  Office of Highway Safety Planning said. Meanwhile, a new bill proposes harsher penalties for distracted driving and changes to what qualifies as distracted driving. It’s pending in the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The drive is part of a national campaign, National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, to reduce easily preventable deaths.

Are you reading this while driving? Well, stop.

By Katie Dudlets
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Meridian Township resident Lexi Lambdin has continuously seen distracted drivers while on the road. “There’s so many careless drivers out there with the texting and driving,” Lambdin said. “I can’t tell you how many times I’m on the road and I look over and the person next to me has their phone in their hand, and they’re not even looking at the road.”

Police see lots of the same thing, even though it’s against the law. “Even though there’s a law against texting and driving, we still see it,” Meridian Township Police Chief David Hall said. “I have a tendency to think that people think ‘well, it’s a risk worth taking – I don’t see any police officers, so … ’ You still see [phones] out a lot.