Williamston couple’s charity helps children locally, in Haiti

Tucked into one of Williamston’s neighborhoods, the Monette house greets you with a large chalk drawing on the driveway and a wall of paint tubes in the garage. Barbara and Dean Monette said they have always loved children, whether it be teaching or simply helping the neighbor kids with painting which started with their own children. To channel that love, the couple created The Monette Children’s Enrichment Fund. The fund became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit about a year ago but the Monette’s have been raising money for about four years. The fund is for promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) programs in local schools as well as in Haiti.

Push on vocational training would ease curriculum mandate

Capital News Service
LANSING – A proposal to lower Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) requirements for vocational training students may boost manufacturing careers, some legislators said. Students who successfully complete one year of vocational training would be able to avoid the mandatory algebra II credit, a credit of science, one credit of the arts, and the online/learning experience requirement. Rep. Joel Johnson, R-Clare, said, “I really feel that we need to make sure those who have an interest in a vocational skill have an opportunity to learn those skills without being penalized.”

An approved career program with math content, such as electronics, machining, construction, welding, engineering or renewable energy would fulfill the requirements. Johnson said, “I think we’ve missed the boat somewhat with our high school students, where we’ve said each student has to be prepared for a university education.”
To graduate, the MMC requires four credits in math, three in science, four in English language arts, three in social studies, one in physical education and health, one in performing and applied arts, and an online/learning experience course. Jon DeWys, president of DeWys Manufacturing in Marne, said, “Those are all great things for college bound students.”
DeWys Manufacturing, is a provider of precision sheet metal components, powder coatings, stampings and other products.

Kinawa 5-6 School Makes Changes to Curriculum

By Florian Cherdron
Meridian Times staff writer

OKEMOS— Kinawa 5-6 school in Meridian Township is making more changes. Just one year after moving fifth grade into the middle schools, a new curriculum was presented at the March 12 Okemos School Board meeting by Kinawa Principal John Hood. The new curriculum was approved at the March 26 school board meeting. Starting in the 2012-2013 school year, Kinawa Middle School will have only seven school periods each day instead of eight. Other changes include the option to opt out of music in the sixth grade.