Is my hair included on my resume?


Standards for most professional environments, is tailored pants or skirt, blazers and blouses, heels and ties. But is natural hair included on a resume? Most professional employers would agree that hair in a professional setting should be well groomed, clean and in a natural color state. When it comes to men and women with natural, heat and chemical-free hair styles such as afros, dreads, braids, and curls, the question of are you are good enough starts.   

Although, the “big chop” wave is on the rise and natural hairstyles are more embraced today, African-Americans are facing dilemmas in the workplace wearing their natural hair.

It’s time you start noticing the art in East Lansing

By Katie McCoy
Entirely East Lansing

Map of different art locations around downtown East Lansing

EAST LANSING, Mich. – The art scene in East Lansing is a creative and eclectic culture that could exist only in a college town. With many different features, such as the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, the East Lansing Art Festival, and the up-and-coming cultural mosaic, the amount of public art leaves East Lansing with a unique presence. World-renowned architect, and winner of the architect’s Pritzaker-Prize, Zaha Hadid designed the Broad Art Museum which opened in 2012. The stainless steel structure and uncommon architecture brings artists from all around the world to feature their art.

Creative energy in Old Town is fueling growth for community

By Emily Elconin
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Reporter

From the beginning, the neighborhood of Old Town has been a creative, kooky, and eccentric place that vibrates with a colorful and inviting energy. From the moment you walk down Turner Street, it is evident there is a new chapter being written here in Old Town. There is a story to be shared on every corner. As Old Town continues to grow, so do the people who are helping Old Town come back stronger than ever before. Old Town is in the process of planning exciting summer festivals and a new event called Arts Night Out, where four neighborhoods in Lansing including Old Town, East Lansing,REO Town, and Downtown Lansing will feature all different kinds of art to draw in the younger community and help the arts community thrive all over Lansing, beginning in Old Town.

Elderly Instruments helps develop sense of community and arts culture in Old Town

By Emily Elconin
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Reporter

The arts play an important role in small neighborhood of Old Town. Elderly Instruments located at 1100 N. Washington Ave., plays a significant role in the development of the arts culture in Old Town. The power of art and music has helped create a sense of community for people in Old Town and people who are just visiting or passing through. “Elderly has been a staple and anchor here in Old Town which has been really important because they’ve been here for a really long time,” Program Director for Michigan Institute of Contemporary Art Katrina Daniels said. “They are a really important cornerstone here in Old Town.

Lansing art scene isn’t just about art. It’s about people, too

By Krista Wilson
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Art can make a difference in the lives of students. Just ask 18-year-old Cynthia Terry. “Coming here has made me who I am today,” said Terry, who participates at the REACH Studio Art Center. “I was in a dark and dim place, and my life didn’t have light until I came here.”

Terry said she was a victim of bullying since kindergarten and the program allowed her to have positive interactions with the people around her because she built friendships with her peers and gained a support system through the staff. Joy Baldwin, Program Director of REACH said, “The mission here is to make art accessible to everyone.

Beauty supply store serves as both marketplace and cultural hub in Lansing

By Kevyn Collier-Roberts
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

If you drive along the streets of any predominantly African-American community, you’ll notice a plethora of beauty supply stores. But such places aren’t just about sales; they are also about helping to create community. In the Lansing community, one such gathering place is Cheryl Beauty Supply, at 1609 E. Michigan Ave. The store prides itself on maintaining strong relationships with their customers in order to keep them as loyal customers. “I think we have more of what our culture requires as far as hair products, skin products, and just an overall great shopping experience.

Art and culture on the rise in St. Johns

By Kenedi Robinson
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Art brings a lot to a community like St. Johns that typically doesn’t have much of it. With the help of Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP), the city can begin to add that art and culture to their community and share wit ith generations to come. LEAP is a group of “leaders” who either help create businesses or help improve existing ones.

In Lansing, one barbershop is about more than just hair cuts

By Haywood Liggett
Listen Up, Lansing Staff Reporter

A local barbershop is bringing the community together in more ways than one. “It’s just a natural part of my routine. Every couple weeks I have to get a haircut, and some Beardbro beard care” Dre Payno said as he stood outside Consolations Barber and Beauty Salon, the barber shop he’s been going to since he moved to Lansing from Detroit seven years ago. The 18-year-old Everett High School senior believes without a “fresh cut” his swagger is off and he can’t function, and after trying a few shops around the city, he wasn’t impressed with some of the talent he was running into. “We would try a new shop and some would be okay for awhile, but then one of the people cutting my hair would do a horrible job,” he said.

The starving artist: myth or reality?

By Cynthia Lee
Old Town Lansing Times staff reporter

Being an artist have never been known as a secure job. Luckily, with resources and a community that thrive on art, the Old Town neighborhood is helping artists make a living. With art fairs, consignment art galleries, and property for artist to open their own store, there are countless ways to make a living. The main resource for various artists is the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Dawn Gorman the communication and events manager explained their goal and purpose for artist.