For college seniors, getting a job seems out of reach

Getting a job is hard enough for college seniors and when a worldwide pandemic is thrown into the mix, it seems almost impossible. Gloria Kobler has applied to 100 jobs in the past three weeks alone and has had several interviews canceled, and even a job offer rescinded. For many companies, hiring new employees is on hold, putting many college seniors and graduates in a tough place as they enter the job market. As many states continue to enact stay-at-home orders, it’s unclear as to when many of those entering the job market will be able to start working.

Mom cooks up her own form of self-therapy during home quarantine

Those who are used to going to work and enjoying life outside of their homes are now forced to adjust to staying inside. The stay-at-home order is still in effect in Michigan, and residents are encouraged to stay in their homes and social distance from others in the community. Not only has Taylor resident Stephanie Idzior had to make the transition from working in her office to her living room, but she also struggles with being isolated from her elderly parents. Aside from taking the time out of her day to drop food off to her parents and talking to them from her car, she has turned to cooking to occupy her free time. She even has a food blog and Instagram account dedicated to her culinary creations.

Clocking in to cope

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a state-wide lockdown; negatively impacting sales for small businesses. One business in particular opened late February on the busiest street in East Lansing. This was just days before the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home and socially distance themselves. “I’m also just trying to take it day by day”, said Dan Chilla. “Spring break happened and then we got back, we’re back to normal and then coronavirus hit”.

Novi teacher unites students and staff online

The Coronavirus has disconnected students and staff. But one teacher decided to change that… Novi High School French teacher Nicholas LeTarte, is infamous in Novi for the countless number of videos he’s made with staff and students. So when an administrator decided to start #NoviTogether, a community where students and staff can remain connected during the school closure, LeTarte decided to join in on the fun. “I’ve found myself trying to interact a little bit more with Twitter,” LeTarte said.

Serving from her front yard

While parks, schools, and restaurants have closed because of the coronavirus, one woman in Canton Township is finding a way to serve her community from her front yard.

Coronavirus cuts final year short for MSU seniors

Seniors at Michigan State University are coping with having
their final year cut short. The spread of the Coronavirus has caused universities across
the nation to switch to online teaching for the remainder of the semester. Kelsey Nickerson, a senior at MSU said it was so abrupt. “I was so confused for like a second I was happy and
then I was like I don’t know if I’m ever going back to class,” Nickerson
said. Campus looks like a ghost town as many students have packed
up their things and returned to their permanent homes.