MSU J-school alumna offers students advice from the field

Maggie George, a Michigan State University alum, recently shared tips, stories and advice on how she got a full-time job as a political correspondent for Michigan’s Information and Research Service after graduation. “Journalism is the first draft of history,” George said. At an early age, George knew she wanted to join politics in some way after her father introduced her to the ins and outs. She fondly recalled a time whereas a child, he brought her to listen to a rally called the “Tea Party.”

“It was outdoors, kind of like this time of year,” George said. “I couldn’t keep up, obviously, with what was going on.

Williamston Community Schools considering cell phone policy this fall

The Williamston Community School Board recently brought attention to a potential new cell phone policy for the 2024-2025 academic year. The school currently has no policy regarding cell phones and their usage while in session

The board has three options: leaving the policy as is, remove phones during class time, or completely ban phones for the duration of the school day. The second option of removing phones during class time is centered towards less distractions in the classroom. However, the third option to remove all phone usage during the school day is aimed at improving the mental health of students. The board’s forefront for the phone use limit is centered around the mental health crisis among adolescents.

Salt at Michigan State University impacts community through fellowship

Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the Earth.”

It’s more than just a verse to Michigan State University students. Behind this verse is a community offering fellowship through worship. 

The Salt Company is a college aimed ministry group based out of The Commons Church in Okemos. The Christian organization’s main goal is to form relationships with Jesus amongst young adults. 

The mission statement provided by their website expresses the reason East Lansing is an ideal location is because of the 70,000 college students in and around the city. Some values the organization prioritizes is: The gospel, dependency, neighboring and urgency. “Having this community is incredibly special to me,” said MSU sophomore Haley Manno.