Thrift Club promotes sustainable fashion on MSU’s campus

Sophie Champion wearing a thrifted outfit. Photos Bella Short

Have you ever struggled to figure out what to wear or get bored of your closet? If you want to look unique from other people, MSU Thrift Club is a good alternative to ordering online from fast fashion companies. At a thrift trip, Meredith Bell, a third-year student studying zoology and vice president of the club, discussed how it can be difficult to thrift at college. “A big thing when you first get to campus is not having a car, and not being able to get anywhere at all and there’s not a whole lot to do walking distance-wise,” Bell said.

Lansing Student Development Program provides free food for youth

The Lansing Student Development Program provides food for youth in the Lansing district every week and will continue its program in the summer. In 2023, more than 12.5 million pounds of food were distributed — that’s 10.5 million meals nourishing people in the community. 

“They always bring fruit options when they bring the meals,” said Jon Horford, founder of the Lansing Student Development Program. “They’ll bring assorted fruit, […] and then like today’s Taco Tuesday, so they’re going to be bringing taco stuff, they’ll bring in ground beef, tortillas, cheese, lettuce, tomato. Yeah, I mean, it’s good. The kids like the food a lot.

Applications for the Mikey23 Foundation $2,500.00 Scholarships are Open Until May 1

In Downtown Lansing, community members may have noticed a colorful mural painted near the CATA Transportation Center. It shows a young Black man smiling. His name was Michael McKissic II, and the big graffiti honors his memory. His father, Michael McKissic, created a foundation named Mikey 23 after Mikey, as he was known, was killed at the age of 23 from gun violence in 2015. 

McKissic’s mission is to improve the lives of young people through innovative education and training in the area of skilled trades. In one of their ongoing projects, the Mikey 23 Foundation gives scholarships to high school seniors for $2,500.00.