With over 7,000 sq. feet, the Art Lab's previous home is now one of the biggest plots of open real estate on Grand River Ave.

An experiment in design, Art Lab closes, but mission goes on

Kurt SchneiderWith more 7,000 square feet, the Art Lab’s previous home is now one of the biggest plots of open real estate on Grand River Avenue. As a radical example of architecture and design, the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum has been a space-aged home for creatives and art lovers alike. With a decade of campus involvement and more than 125,000 visitors yearly, architect Zaha Hadid’s Pritzker Prize-winning design has had a drastic impact on the city of East Lansing while exploring a restorative solutions-based approach to the arts. 

While the museum’s sleek mix of unique angles and perspectives houses most of its exhibition space and collections, in 2017 the decision was made to open a location across the street from Michigan State’s campus. With more than  5,000 sq. ft.

Snow-weary student says it all: ‘I’d rather be on Zoom!’

As the last remnants of a massive snow system lifted their icy grip on greater Lansing, some Michigan State University students gingerly emerged from their cozy residences Thursday morning to brave the trek across the slippery and semi-plowed campus to classes. “I’m surprised, really. My roommates had all of their classes moved to online for today,” said finance major Joseph Spencer on the way to the business building, “I’d rather be on Zoom!” 

With nearly 10 inches of snow dropped overnight, it’s hard to blame students’ wishes to stay in for the day, even as the university just resumed in-person course instruction. Sidewalks still dusted in snow, walkways left unplowed, and high winds whipping up snow has some students feeling pressured to go out in inclement weather. On his way back from classes, junior Adam Rizzo said, “Walking to the bus stop was rough early this morning, I almost wiped out on some black ice and my socks are already soaked from the snow.