A family of four with homemade signs made by each family member that say "protect kids rights"

Michiganders rally together to celebrate transgender day of visibility

Dozens of community members endured rain and wind in celebration and protest as they rallied in front of the state capitol building to support transgender youth. March 31 was International Transgender Day of Visibility, an annual celebration created by Michigander Rachel Crandall-Crocker in 2009. 

LGBTQ+ members and allies across the country rallied to protest legislators’ attempt to prevent transgender people from being legally recognized and from receiving gender-affirming care.

highschool freshman cutting out paper hearts.

East Lansing High School shows support for MSU

After the Feb. 13 Michigan State University shooting, East Lansing High School teachers and students wanted to do something to help the community. On Feb. 18 during the ELHS floor hockey tournament, teachers and students set up a table with cut-out hearts and signs for students to fill out.

East Lansing high school Principal Shannon Mayfield addresses the audience at a podium on stage.

East Lansing public schools offer new safety enhancement plan after teacher finds gun

Teachers, parents and students crowded inside and outside the auditorium for the school board meeting at East Lansing High School on Monday, Jan. 23. Violence and safety issues at the high school were the focus of the meeting.

The meeting specifically focused on an incident that occurred on Thursday, Jan. 19, where a group of students started fighting after the school’s triple-header basketball game. Second-year teacher Madelyn Zink was the first to intervene in the fight. When she did, a gun fell out of a backpack and onto her foot.