AgeAlive board member on need for direct-care workers

Dr. Charles Gliozzo is a board member at AgeAlive and IMPART Alliance, two organizations that aim to support direct-care workers by advocating for increased wages and benefits, professionalization of workers and the collection of more accurate data regarding this career and workers. They usually work at private homes and nursing homes and their work allows these people to live with the highest level of independence and quality of life. Some issues direct-care workers face  include personnel shortage, low wages and disrespect. In this interview, Gliozzo provided insight on the importance of direct-care workers, how to support thiem and how these organizations have already impacted the lives of many in the workforce.

Four men receive award

East Lansing drives growth, receives regional award

The city of East Lansing has received the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce 2020 Celebration of Regional Growth Award for the Coleman Road Extension project. 

Mariana BittencourtFrom left to right: Steven Japinga, Mayor Ron Bacon, city manager George Lahanas and Tim Daman. The ceremony was at the Hannah Engagement Center during a council meeting on Feb. 22. The president of the chamber, Tim Daman, and the senior vice president of public affairs, Steven Japinga, presented the award. It recognized the Coleman Road extension, which connected downtown to the northern tier of businesses.

With buses reduced and bikes impossible, Zoom looks better

Mariana BittencourtWhen bus service is reduced and bikes are snowed in, students have to trudge through the snow. Michigan State University students were socked by the snowstorm that reached mid-Michigan Feb. 2. Although many professors switched to online teaching, students with in-person classes had to wade through heavy snow to attend their lectures. 

Advertising management freshman Nina Lautman was stressing over her activities the night before. She lives in the South Neighborhood and has classes in the North Neighborhood.