When Arts Collide: Cara Nader shares lessons from 10 years as the Strange Matter owner 

LANSING, Mich. The effect that a simple choice by one person with passion and determination can have on a community shines through in the form of small businesses. One, in particular, started in a small shop on Michigan Ave. in Lansing. Strange Matter Coffee is the product of Cara Nader taking a passion for the art of coffee and turning it into a career that gives back to her community. 

“I got to the point where I was like, the service industry doesn’t pay very well and if I want to make no money, I can do that working for myself,” Nader said.

Lansing School Board to Create Parent Advisory Team Amidst Parent Concerns Regarding Communication 

LANSING, Mich. The Lansing Public School District encapsulates 25 districts across the city and serves 10,000 students and their families. With that wide span, communication from all parties is necessary to help fuel students’ education. Lansing Superintendent Ben Shuldiner announced at the Oct. 5 board meeting that he wants to get the ball rolling on a parent advisory committee to include parent voices within the district. 

“One of the things that makes a school district really magical is when you have everybody’s voice at the table,” Shuldiner said.

New Community Center in Southeast Lansing is in the Cost-Study Phase

Southeast Lansing — especially the 2nd Ward — lacks proximal access to any of the city’s four community centers. These recreation spaces can help avoid social isolation, promote physical activity, address social issues, give kids a safe place to play, offer extra education resources, job training, GED classes, and more. The City Council is aware of the problem and has taken the initiative to move in the right direction to give more access to community centers to the 2nd Ward constituents. “60% of our residents live south of 496 and I think it’s important especially when we talk about curbing gun violence to have a community center in southeast Lansing,” Council member and Vice President Jeremy Garza stated during a Committee of a Whole meeting. He proposed a cost study to determine the logistics of bringing a new community center to the 2nd Ward.

Statement About “sexual sins” Raises Concerns After City Rescue Mission’s Request for Expansion

LANSING, Mich.  Lansing City council members have a thin line to tread on when it comes to City Rescue Mission, a Christian ministry that provides food and shelter for those in need within Lansing. The religious institution seeks permission to expand its activities. Randy Barton, Senior Director of Operations for the organization, presented a pitch for approval for a new location, during the Sept. 18 meeting.