Scrolling through social media while doing homework

Ingham concerned social media bad for students’ mental health

Links between children’s use of social media and their mental health raised concerns with Ingham County Intermediate School District administrators. Superintendent Jason Mellema said at the board’s April 11 meeting that it hopes to figure out how schools can do more to help students.

Mental health specialists at the ISD have served more than 550 referrals this year and still have students on the waiting list.

Workers talking to homeowners to make plans to tear tree down

Trees will still be cut down even if you don’t sign the tree slip

Concerns have been raised about tree removals due for new construction starting this spring. Dobie Road, along with two other locations in Okemos is going to begin construction. Trees were supposed to have been removed in late March for construction to start, however, with late tree slips returned from residents, workers have been unable to cut trees down for a week. 

Tree slips need to be signed by homeowners for the company to cut the trees down, or so they think.

Ingham County Fairgrounds are sprucing up for 2023

The Ingham County fairgrounds has some exciting plans in the upcoming future. New improvements are being made in hopes for a large turnout for the annual fair along with weekend activities throughout the year. 

The events director of the Ingham County Fairgrounds, Lindsey McKeever, has recently received news that the fair will be granted $2.5 million from the government to do construction on the grandstands along with other improvements. A new advertising group has also paired with the fairgrounds, Noise New Media will help promote the fair and gain more income.