In the heart of Lansing, small, diverse businesses find their footing

Rihab Musa and her family moved to Egypt when she was six years old, fleeing from a war in her home country of Sudan. A year later, in February 2000, they moved to the United States, and have been living in Greater Lansing ever since. “I guess when they asked my dad, ‘Where do you want to go?’ –– like they showed him the map, he just pointed to a place full of water,” she said. Musa attended grade school, high school and college in the U.S. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s in psychology and has a private practice in psychotherapy. In trying to assimilate with American culture, Musa said she was “trying to forget where I came from.” When in school, she said she used to get bullied because of her skin tone and accent, causing her to further distance herself from her home culture.