Decades old MSU rec facilities overlooked by administration

Some of Michigan State’s recreational sports facilities we built in the early 1900’s, and are still in use today. While millions of dollars are being spent on additions to campus, Rec Sports Director Rick McNeil, says the MSU administration has not made these work out facilities a priority in upgrades. McNeil has recently sent in proposals of what existing space could be renovated. One of these proposals involves an emptied pool in IM Circle that has been closed down since the 80’s. Instead, McNeil thinks they should build a new, three-story work out facility in its place.

Michigan State opens up about hosting ‘Batman v Superman’ on campus

Amongst the old-style buildings on Michigan State’s north campus is the futuristic Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, which catches the eye of more than just visiting Spartans. In early 2014, the museum was being looked at by producers from the blockbuster, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. By October 2014, Director Zack Snyder and his Warner Bros. team was there filming the scene where Batman and Superman meet for the first time in the movie. With the film just released to theaters, Michigan State is finally able to discuss the details of hosting the major motion picture on campus. Director of the museum’s facilities, Stephanie Kribs, talks about what it took to bring the movie to East Lansing.

Students seek change for recycling in apartments

The dorms and classrooms at Michigan State University are filled with numerous recycling bins for all types of materials. However, when students move off-campus, they find their recycling options very limited. Most apartments in East Lansing do not offer recycling pickup, forcing residents to either drive their recyclables to other drop-off areas or simply throw them in the trash. Campus Village apartments is one housing complex that does not have a recycling system, and Community Manager Katie Larner says it is just not easy enough to simply put out bins. However, there has been some unhappy residents that want the ability to recycle in their communities.