Positive changes on way for fraternities connected to MSU

The Interfraternity Council at Michigan State University outlines what hazing is and why it is important to hold fraternities accountable during new member experiences. It also has implemented new guidelines for new member experiences throughout fraternity life. Sawyer Mclure is the current president of the Interfraternity Council also referred to as “IFC.” Since the beginning of his term he has spoken at the capitol building, met with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and brought a positive change to all fraternities. “Day to day I serve as an oversight for all the other people on the board and make sure that everything that needs to be done is geting done,” Mclure said. 

According to the Michigan State Fraternity and Sorority Life website, Michigan State defines hazing as such. Requiring or encouraging any act, whether or not the act is voluntarily agreed upon, in conjunction with initiation, affiliation with, continued membership, or participation in any group that causes or creates a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm or humiliation.

East Lansing High School principal sets a vision for the new school year

The East Lansing Board of Education held a meeting Oct. 23 to review goals put in place. 

Ashley Schwarzbek, the new head principal for the 2023-2024 school year, follows former East Lansing High School principal Shannon Mayfield. Schwarzbek is not new to the school though, she began as associate principal in January of 2020. Following public comment, she spoke on goals for this year. “We kind of distilled down into these three buckets to say what are the main focuses that we want to have here at the high school this year in order to really make sure we have a fantastic year,” Schwarzbek said.

Controversy Erupts as City Council Considers Affordable Housing plan

In a move aimed at addressing the need for affordable housing, the East Lansing City Council will vote Oct. 17 on whether or not to move forward with a proposal to develop a five-story building on an existing Bailey Street parking lot. The property’s current owners, the Metzger and Fabian families, intend to transfer the lease to developers for this project. The controversial nature of this proposal came to the forefront during a City Council Meeting on Oct. 3, as local business owners expressed their concerns about the development’s impact on the community. 

“I’m concerned about the proposed development for 530 Albert Ave.