More than half of Mason voters used absentee option

At 5 a.m. on Election Day Sarah Jarvis, Mason City clerk, arrived to prepare her poll workers for voters’ arrival. “We probably had about 60 people here this morning just waiting to vote and then it just has not stopped all day long.” Before voters arrived on election morning, the city was already in possession of a mass of absentee ballots.

At 11:12 a.m. Jarvis said, “Right now we have more absentee ballots than we have in-person voters … we had started out the  morning with about 1,900 absentee ballots and we’ve been having them come in steady all day.”

Author visits Mason to discuss his new book ‘Killing Women’ 

“People have forgotten who Don Miller is. People have forgotten what Don Miller did. And people need to know that Don Miller is getting out of prison”

Angela SolomonAuthor Rod Sadler, a former mid-Michigan police officer, is on a mission to inform the community about Don Miller before his release from prison, scheduled for 2031. This proclamation came from  Rod Sadler in his recent return to the Mason area Historical Society in a presentation about his newest publication, “Killing Women”

Sadler, author and former mid-Michigan police officer of 25 years, was delighted with the audience for the event. He sad, “They’re so welcoming and because all these crimes are local.