Empty barbershop with about a dozen chairs

Executive order forces closure of barbershops

The spread of COVID-19 has closed various businesses in Michigan, and barber shops are no exception. After an executive order by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, barber shops were forced to close from March 22 to April 13, listed as non-essential personal care services.

the hub in East Lansing

East Lansing commissions study of more Hub towers

With its first apartment buildings occupied for less than a year, The Hub is pushing for approval of a second East Lansing project. The initial towers opened at the start of the 2019 fall semester and The Hub hopes to begin construction for the expansion as soon as it has City Council approval. 

“We have always liked the East Lansing market,” said Core Spaces Chief Accounting Officer Andrew Wiedner at a Feb. 25 council meeting. “Our goal with the second project is to make the project more financially attractive.” 

Core Spaces operates out of Chicago and Austin and, according to its website,”Our goal is to identify, design, and build the best real estate in every educational market.” Construction would take place along Bogue Street south of the first towers and would require the demolition of four properties.

Cat walking across the floor

A cafe with a cause

Adam BakrA cat on the prowl. The Constellation Cat Cafe opened in East Lansing looking to combine elements of a regular cafe and an adoption home for fostered cats. Combining their drinks with multiple events every week in the cat room, the cafe has seen a growing support and increased numbers in cat adoption. 

The place is split into two parts. One side is the cafe, where you can order your drinks and enjoy them. The other side is the cat room.