Michigan State student to represent Ingham County in Miss Michigan pageant

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Alexis Alston Track/Cover Photo.

Alexis Alston

Alexis Alston has been known as an athlete, a track star, a tomboy, and a straight-A student, but as of this year, she is also known as a beauty queen. 

“Lexy has never been what people typically envision pageant girls to be,” Alexis Alston’s mother Kellie Alston said. “Growing up, she loved when it rained so she could go outside and run around in the mud or go paint balling. She was an absolute tomboy if I ever saw one, and to see her in a different perspective with a tiara and a sash is almost refreshing.”

Alexis, better known as Lexy, will be representing Ingham County in the Miss Michigan USA beauty pageant. The winner of the Miss Michigan USA pageant will go on to represent the state of Michigan in the Miss USA pageant. 

Lexy is a student at Michigan State University, and despite her pageant schedule, she is committed to her studies and other passions, as well as competing. 

“I have a very unforgiving and rigorous schedule. However, I am very driven and goal oriented,” Lexy said. 

She is a student athlete and participates in multiple student groups like the Spartan Sports Report and the Big Ten Network Student U program. Lexy’s life revolves around the world of sports. 

Lexy’s father Aric Alston remembers Lexy at a young age always being interested in sports. She would even practice with her brothers sports teams. 

“She was always interested in whatever her brother was doing,” Aric Alston said. “Even at his football practices, you would see Lexy at the end doing drills.” 

Lexy Alston (Middle) at one of her brothers football practices.

Alexis Alston

Alexis Alston (Middle), at her brother’s football practices.

Lexy’s love for sports has helped her get to where she is today. Before coming to Michigan State, Lexy played soccer at Eastern Michigan University. Now at MSU, she runs track for the Spartans. 

Lexy practices every day during track season, regardless of the weather. While she runs, she also balances her sports broadcasting classes and keeps a 3.8 GPA. 

“One of my greatest strengths has always been my ability to juggle many things at once. I always manage my time with precision and efficiency,” Lexy said. 

The upcoming Miss Michigan pageant will be Lexy’s second beauty pageant ever. Growing up, Lexy always wanted to get into competitions like Miss Michigan USA, but she never had the time between school and sports. 

“I did one pageant when I was super little and got second place. But I’m not sure it can even count [because] I can’t remember it. So really this is something new and exciting that I am really looking forward to,” she said. 

Lexy is unsure what to expect from the upcoming pageant, and that it is actually one of her biggest fears. 

“I would say I am most nervous about going into the pageant under-experienced and not knowing what to expect from it as a whole,” she said. 

Kim Hayes, an employee for Miss Michigan USA explained that she believes the experience can be unique to the journey of each competitor. Hayes thinks each process from the interviewing to speaking on stage builds character and boosts confidence.  

“To sum it all up it’s really all about building themselves up and helping them find that they don’t have to be a follower and that they can be a leader within themselves,” said Hayes.

The Miss Michigan USA beauty pageant will be held in Port Huron, Michigan on June 2–3. 

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