East Lansing City Council recognizes marginalized groups

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At the April 4 meeting East Lansing City Council members approved three resolutions recognizing different minority groups. 

Those resolutions recognized 

  • Recognizing April as Autism Awareness Month
  • Acknowledging the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan 
  • Recognizing March 31 as International Transgender Visibility Day. 

Council member Dana Watson said, “I love the recognition of Ramadan. I love being an ally to our transgender community. And I love the recognition of neurodivergence.” 

Other council members had similar feelings. “It was kind of a pleasure to read our consent agenda and see so many things on there that I am really happy to be a part of,” said Mayor Pro Tem Jessy Gregg. Gregg said she is the “proud mother of three transgender children.” 

“It calls attention to community members that don’t have a lot of attention,” said Gregg. She called them “a chance to acknowledge that we think all people are worthy of attention.”

Interim City Manager Randy Talifarro said  he appreciates that “we have staff and council that recognize and acknowledge those things.”

“I see it as a good thing, spreading awareness for other religions, other cultures,” said East Lansing resident Conor Murphy. He said, “I do support it because I personally know people who suffer from autism and people who are currently observing Ramadan.”

Another East Lansing resident, Ian Traver said “that’s fantastic. I think marginalized groups like that definitely deserve recognition for sure.” 

The City Council’s next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 11 at the Hannah Community Center.

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