Meridian Township leaders concerned about paramedic service responsibility

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Meridian Charter Township Municipal Building, the morning of Monday, Feb. 6. (Photo by Rachel Fulton)

Rachel Fulton

Meridian Charter Township Downtown Development Authority Meeting Cancelled; Board has an unofficial discussion about updates with Grand River Bridge and First Responders

Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh discussed paramedic issues for the Meridian Township that could possibly affect the public at the most recent Downtown Development Authority meeting Feb. 6.

Walsh specifically brought up the Delhi Charter Township’s contract to provide fire and ambulance service to the Alaiedon Township. Meridian Charter Township is now being asked to assist on these matters, affecting the calls coming in from their own area to get to at a faster rate, Walsh said.

“We have 45,000 residents who pay taxes to have the services that we provide,” pointing out that Meridian Charter Township “has no responsibility to Alaiedon Township,” Walsh said. 

He then brought up the specific event of how having these “responsibilities” in Alaiedon Township could have an effect on the Knob Hill Apartments fire that occurred in December. If first responders had been in the Alaiedon Township during that response call, they possibly wouldn’t have arrived at the time they did. 

“We’ve got to make sure that doesn’t become an issue,” Walsh stated. 

Walsh also said cement pouring onto the entrance and exit of the Okemos Road Bridge will begin in the next few weeks. 

Walsh said the Meridian Charter Township Municipal Building will be renovated “sometime in May” and will include new carpeting, painting, and furnishing of different department areas throughout the building.

Fifty-two people will be relocating to areas around Meridian Charter Township including Meridian Township service stations throughout the renovation time. Other locations, amenities, and funding options will be planned in the next month or two. 

Walsh explained that the one area in the building that would not be renovated would be the Town Hall Room which is held for the majority of the different annual department meetings. 

Walsh said, “even though this room doesn’t look the fanciest, the carpeting in here is under 5 years old which wouldn’t make sense to renovate.”

“Predominantly, all other meetings will be held at the central fire station at the community room,” Walsh responded to if meetings were back-to-back or needed a more convenient space. 

The Meridian Charter Township Downtown Development Authority scheduled meeting for Feb. 6 became an unofficial discussion due to the absence of two board members. It comes as a setback for the DDA due to the cancellation of its January meeting which means they haven’t had an official meeting in the new year.  

Walsh ended by discussing positive goals and plans that had happened recently including the Christmas party for the families that took place two days after the fire at the Knob Hill Apartments.

Amber Clark, Meridian Charter Townships’ economic development director, introduced Angela Wright who is taking over as chairperson in place of Susan Fulk. DDA Chairperson Tom Stanko updated the members on new plans to come into discussions for the future.

The Meridian Charter Township Downtown Development Authority meets on the first Monday of every month to discuss its annual reports, goals, and plans for the township.

The next planned DDA meeting is to be held on March 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the Meridian Township Municipal Building in the Town Hall Room.

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