Local dental hygienist sells sweet treats

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Rachel Fulton

Local dental hygienist sells sweet treats: Melissa Svarc’s story with her business Nut Chamber

Melissa Svarc is a dental hygienist in Okemos with a little secret; she has her own nut business which includes selling artisan-made cinnamon roasted almonds, pecans, and cashews.

Svarc had no idea that she would be taking on both these two careers after through four different colleges including Mott Community College, Baker College, the University of Michigan Flint, and the University of Detroit Mercy. 

But her love for making artisan-styled nuts started early with her family’s business.

“My parents started the business close to 30 years ago,” she said. 

Svarc grew up with two other siblings and said that she and her brother were the only two that continued making nuts while her sister “absolutely hated it.”

“My brother and I continued to work together for a long time and then about 10 years ago we separated,” Svarc said.

Since then, Svarc has had her own nut business while her brother has his own.

Svarc has traveled everywhere from Traverse City to Detroit selling nuts and can continue to be found at many local festivities in many regions of Michigan.

“I’ve done farmers markets, car shows, art shows, craft shows, and one of my favorites is the Frankenmuth Snowfest,” she said.

A person standing next to a snowman

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Melissa Svarc standing next to a Nut Chamber-themed ice sculpture at Zehnder’s Frankenmuth Snowfest 2023. 

Svarc explained her setup, selling at a table, and said that she “would love to buy a food truck or trailer” and is looking to invest in one to keep her business growing.

Getting the good quality of the nuts’ taste takes much time and patience.

Svarc explained that she makes her nuts “on site” when at an event and that her nut machine is from Germany.

“Since my machine is from Germany, if something were to break down it could take months to replace,” she said.

East Lansing resident Caryn Wojcik had the privilege of trying Svarc’s treats at a Super Bowl party.

“They were yummy! It made me miss the summertime when we go to the summer art and music festivals,” Wojcik said.

On top of her delicious nuts, Svarc has created prices that she believes are acceptable for the work put in as well as an “affordable price for the public to get their sweet treat in a low-cost way.”

“We have small bags for $6 or two for $11 or the larger size for $11 or two for $20 and that’s best value,” Svarc said.

Svarc also has $40 or $50 packages for any holiday or celebration.

“It’s a great gift and a great stocking stuffer and a great Father’s Day gift and you can get something that has it all as well as a great snack and you don’t have to feel too guilty because cinnamon’s healthy, the nuts are healthy, and we don’t over sugar coat and cook them in water which makes it a good recipe,” she said.

Okemos resident Lisa Beardslee said, “they make a great treat and gift for someone who enjoys something sweet.”

Svarc gave a suggestion when picking out a package of her nuts saying her favorite is the trail mix set which includes honey-roasted cashews, salted roasted cashews, Michigan dried cherries, chocolate-covered pomegranates, cinnamon roasted almonds, pecans, and cashews.

“It’s the perfect bag for those who are indecisive,” and want a little bit of everything, she said.

Other than finding Svarc at your next Michigan festivity, you can find and order her products on Facebook at The Nut Chamber.

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