Q&A w/ YouTuber Brooke Didas

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Michigan based YouTube personality shares insight into life as a full time content creator.

Spartan Newsroom reporter Lilly Swanson spoke with Youtube personality Brooke Didas for Career Conversations.

Brooke Didas, the 21-year-old full-time Youtube personality talks about the trials and tribulations that come with putting your life out for the world to see as your day-to-day job.

“I feel lucky that I don’t get too much hate,” said Didas. “It’s a win-lose kind of thing. When a video gets a lot of views its great, but you’re also bringing in more of those people that kind of like to leave hate comments.”

The occasional hate comment is no match for the 21 year old’s passion for her craft, and she explains there are also a ton of perks that come with the position. 

“It’s so much fun. I relate to it as a video diary type of thing,” Didas said. “Ive grown it to the point that I work with a management company, and I get sponsored by cool brands I love, and I get to try out a lot of cool brands, and I kind of have turned it into a job.”

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