MSU grads launch low-cost Money Pickle financial advice app

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Three Michigan State graduates have come together to create the  Money Pickle app. 

This app assists individuals who need affordable financial advice.

“Last year I worked for a financial advisory firm and noticed that the majority of clients were older couples, and mostly upper-class individuals. This got me thinking about my friends and other recent college graduates who can’t necessarily afford a financial adviser. I asked myself,  how can we serve this severely underserved group of people?” CEO and Co-founder Brenton Thurman said. 

With their background of finance, business, economics, entrepreneurship and innovation from their time at MSU, the three decided to brainstorm a way to close this gap. 

“When we were still at Michigan State, we would talk about eventually starting our own business, and running a company together from the ground up,” said co-founder Nick Young. “The Money Pickle idea sparked, and we have been running with it ever since.”

For $1.50 a minute, users can chat with financial professionals, or “Pickle Pros.” These professionals are available to advise with no future relationship required, and the choice to remain anonymous. 

“We have about a dozen Pickle Pros right now who are all experienced financial advisers, and are the ones taking calls on the app,” said co-founder Colin Hendrickson said. “We have a screening process as well to make sure we have qualified individuals on the other end of the screen.”

Money Pickle’s primary goal is to provide easy to navigate financial coaching for those who find themselves in a “money pickle”

“The idea is that A 10-minute call with a Pickle Pro will cost you $15, but it could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars down the road,” Thurman said. “After you download Money Pickle and sign up with some basic information, you can immediately hit the call button and connect with a Pickle Pro, or choose to schedule a call for a later date.”

The first round of investors is friends and family. It is unknown how long this will last. When asked about this, Thurman said, “we are heading out to TechCrunch mid April and hope to learn a lot about Venture Capital as we scale Money Pickle.”

There will be a Money Pickle Launch Party on Saturday April 23. from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Fifth Tavern in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Download the app and register with your name for free admission. Appetizers and drinks are included. 

More information is on Money Pickle’s website, and social media accounts.

“Being able to provide financial knowledge and other resources to the underserved community is what we strive to do,” Hendrickson said.

the Money Pickle mascot.

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