Hawk Island Park tubing hill provides fast winter fun

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Ryan Radosevich

A view from halfway up the tubing hill at Hawk Island Park in Lansing

From grandkids to grandparents, winter fun can be had at Hawk Island Park.

When the temperatures are cool enough, Hawk Island Park hosts its own winter fun with a 600- foot tube hill that drops you over 50 feet.

Next to the hill is a magic carpet uphill conveyor that transports tubers to the top, allowing anybody to easily scale the hill.

Erin Brodberg gets ready to go down the tubing hill at Hawk Island Park.

“It’s all ages. we’ve got grandparents going down with grandkids, adults going down, middle school, high school, everything,” said Jesse Spencer, head park ranger. 

Ashton Bleicher, a park worker said, “Everyone you can think of, kindergartners to 80-year-olds.”

The park has open days where anybody can come and buy a ticket and it also hosts private reservations for larger groups.

“We’ve had a lot of school groups come through,” said Spencer. “Girl scouts, church groups, schools, other religious groups, you name it.”

If you want to reserve a time slot or experience the winter action, act fast! 

Emily Brodberg, working the conveyor said, “We sellout really quick … We open the slots in December and they are completely full until the end of February or end of March.

Katharine Strunk, a professor and Erickson distinguished chairperson in education at Michigan State University, had to join the fun.

“We have kids here as young as 2 and as old as 12, and everyone is having a great time,” said Strunk.

Head out to Hawk Island Park for an elevating experience!  The cost is $10 per person, and $8 per person if you have a group of four or more.

“They don’t have stuff like this everywhere,” said Strunk.

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