Michigan’s automotive industry shifts toward an electric future

With Michigan housing several automotive manufacturing plants, the state looks to expand into the world of vehicle electrification. 

“If we want to continue to expand ourselves as a species, we need another way to power and transport ourselves around, a cleaner more sustainable way of doing it, because we’re just going to run out of gas at some point,” said Steve Radosevich, geometric modeler for Rivian. 

General Motors Co. is one of the manufacturers making Michigan a hub for electric vehicle production. The GM factory in Orion Township is  set to become one of the company’s main electric vehicle manufacturers. The plant, which originally produced Chevrolet Malibus and Pontiac G6s, will now build all-electric trucks. 

GM is also shifting its manufacturing in Detroit. The Detroit-Hamtramck plant, nicknamed “Factory Zero,” will construct electric variants of the Hummer, Sierra, Cruise, and Silverado.

Mountain bike camp ‘dirt school’ coming to Ingham park

Ingham County’s Burchfield Park in Holt is building a “dirt school,” a day camp for mountain bikers.

Park Manager Tim Buckley said, “It’s going to have really cool features like tunnels, giant cones, hoops, and different terrains to get them used to the rough ride of mountain biking.”

Hawk Island Park tubing hill provides fast winter fun

Ryan RadosevichA view from halfway up the tubing hill at Hawk Island Park in Lansing

From grandkids to grandparents, winter fun can be had at Hawk Island Park. When the temperatures are cool enough, Hawk Island Park hosts its own winter fun with a 600- foot tube hill that drops you over 50 feet. Next to the hill is a magic carpet uphill conveyor that transports tubers to the top, allowing anybody to easily scale the hill. Erin Brodberg gets ready to go down the tubing hill at Hawk Island Park. “It’s all ages.

Fear-free training makes Ingham shelter a haven

Fear-free environment and other programs like personal dog training, animal food drives and more are just a short list of things that the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter provide.

“We have a lot of programs that most animal shelters don’t have,” said Behavior Enrichment Coordinator Roxann Wilkinson. “Everyone who fosters, volunteers, or works here goes through the fear-free program. And it just means that we’re all working in the same direction to lower the animals’ stress levels.”