The Lansing community saves it’s first comedy club

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Greenwood District Studios is Lansing’s newest addition to the entertainment community. The Funny is Funny Comedy club opened its doors just four months ago, replacing the Lansing Mall Cinema. 

After opening the doors, Owner and CEO, Amaru saw the costly disappointments that came with the space. 

“When we opened up in September and then we were hitting other little bumps in the road because when we opened the doors here the HVAC system didn’t work.” said Amaru, CEO and owner of Greenwood District Studios

The Lansing Township officials upheld the facility to keep up with new requirements.

“The township made us buy a $1,300 water fountain that’s out there, it’s brand new and only 3 people have used it,” said Amaru.  

With building requirements adding up, Amaru could only turn to one place for assistance. 

“We went to the public for donations as well as investments and our own money,” said Amaru. 

The donation wall, located in the back of the lobby, showcases the donors who support the comedy club. The comedy club is a need for Lansing, a need for comedians to have a home.

“I feel attached to this place because I’m doing everything in my power to be able to help this place stay open,” said Keith Gentry, a local entrepreneur. 

The pandemic has taken a toll on businesses and ourselves. Lansing’s only comedy club could be the cure for this grief. 

“It’s important to Laugh, laughter is the best medicine,” said Damian Gonzalez and Braxton Odom, Funny is Funny open mic comics. 

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