Local cider mill opens its attractions

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Long Family Orchard, Farm & Cider Mill in Commerce Township opened its play area for the first time last weekend, according to its Facebook page, allowing visitors to start a new tradition, while continuing an old one, eating donuts and cider.

Love for cider

Vittorio Vassilev, a Commerce resident, is a loyal customer. “I have been going to Long’s cider mill since I was 6 years old,” Vassilev said. “The donuts and cider (are) what I come for, it is one of the best feelings and you know it’s fall once they have those two things together.”

“The consistency of loyal customers returning every year is one of the reasons the Long family keeps their business running,” said Bobby Long.

“To see the joys on the customers’ faces,” Bobby said. “Also getting to work with an awesome staff, and when I get to work with my brothers, sisters, and parents every day 7 days a week it’s a great atmosphere.”

The family origins

Rob and Chris Long, Bobby’s parents, are the 5th generation of Longs who own the farm. The foundation of the business was built on the roots of the orchard then the family opened in 1994 the cider mill and also introduced the cider and donuts for the business.

The Long Family Orchard, Farm & Cider Mill sells cider and donuts, mums, pumpkins and other vegetables. Credit: Lance Limbo

“We first planted the orchard then the cider mill and the donuts came along,” Chris said, “which was a natural progression, a very popular thing for the Midwest.” 

Representing the family name

Bobby said he has had countless moments of happiness with his time on his family’s farm. The attractions are also a big part of the farm’s experience. 

“Definitely the big rocking chair,” Bobby said when asked about his favorite part of the farm. “Probably one of the most photographed spots in Commerce Township. I got friends that took a picture in it when they were a little kid, and they are still taking pictures with it now.” 

The big rocking chair attraction posted outside of the Long farm. Credit: Lance Limbo

For more information on the Long Family Orchard, Farm & Cider Mill, you can find it on here.

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