Zynda’s in Williamston aims to open next year

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Construction work in progress outside of Zynda’s in downtown Williamson on 150 E. Grand River Ave. Photo By: Rayna Skiver

Zynda’s, a family owned-restaurant in Williamston located on 150 E. Grand River Ave., is working hard to open early next year. Adam Zynda and his sister Nikki Zynda are finishing the final details.

Encountering challenges

A custom built fireplace in the private event room inspired by a cabin up North that Adam and Nikki Zynda visited during their childhood. Photo By: Rayna Skiver

The restaurant’s building, last owned by the Red Cedar Grill, faced challenges throughout the months of construction that began almost a year ago.

“At the beginning we were just tearing things down to make way for production,” said Adam. “You run into new things every day that you didn’t know were there before and you just hope for the best.”

He said the hardest part has yet to come. 

“The big challenge is really coming up next year,” said Adam. “This is the easy part.”

Nikki details the problems.

“Trying to open during COVID has been a big challenge,” said Nikki. “For a period of time we could only have one worker in the room.” 

She said that many contractors were backed up.

“It’s stressful, but I also think it brings hope and something to look forward to,” said Nikki.  

Despite the stress, Nikki said that the challenges might be a good thing.

“It’s giving us time to really not rush things and to get this done the way we really want,” said Nikki. “I’m hoping these are blessings in disguise.”

A restaurant destination

The Zynda’s have always had ties to Williamston.

“I’ve always been close to Williamston and had family businesses here,” said Adam. “I love small towns. I prefer to wake up here and work here.”

Even with the town’s small population, it’s known for having great restaurants.

“Williamston is becoming more of a restaurant destination spot,” said Nikki. 

Will Long, vice president of the Williamston Chamber of Commerce and owner of the Studio Shop, said his business is located next door.

“It’s going to impact my business a lot just because it’s going to create a destination for the community,” said Long. “I think it’s going to drive more business to this side of the town.” 

A personal experience

The booths in the quiet dining area under construction. Photo By: Rayna Skiver

One of Zynda’s priorities is to provide a personalized experience to every customer. Nikki Zynda said there will be an outdoor patio, a private room for events and a quieter side in the restaurant with custom booths. Zynda’s will also have a takeout window.

“A big thing for us is to offer variety because our main goal is to make it a great experience for our customers and to make it the experience they want,” said Nikki.

She said that they’re expanding the menu beyond their main barbeque style food.

“Now we have more options for people who are on diets or have food sensitivities,” said Nikki. 

Hopes and goals

Due to COVID-19, the Zynda’s are unable to give an exact opening date. 

“We’ll probably have a couple of soft openings first,” said Adam. “I’m hoping to be open to the public by the beginning of the year.” 

With an opening coming soon, the Zynda’s have set their goals.

“Our vision is to have a nice place for people to come together,” said Nikki. “We want to synergize the community.”

Adam said that Zynda’s isn’t meant to be a formal place.

“It’s not some fancy place that anyone needs to feel intimidated by,” said Adam. “It’s a casual place.”

Adam said that the first opening months will be telling, but he is confident.

“I know it will be successful.”

An old ‘coming soon’ banner posted outside of Zynda’s building. The new opening date is set for the beginning of next year. Photo By: Rayna Skiver

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