Novi teacher unites students and staff online

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The Coronavirus has disconnected students and staff. But one teacher decided to change that…

Novi High School French teacher Nicholas LeTarte, is infamous in Novi for the countless number of videos he’s made with staff and students.

So when an administrator decided to start #NoviTogether, a community where students and staff can remain connected during the school closure, LeTarte decided to join in on the fun.

“I’ve found myself trying to interact a little bit more with Twitter,” LeTarte said.

Then one day, a student sent LeTarte a suggestion on Twitter.

“A young lady named Cassidy, I think she just tweeted at me and mentioned me and was like and hey, let’s do, why don’t we do something like that where kids submit videos,” LeTarte said.

Taking Cassidy’s suggestion, LeTarte asked students and staff to submit videos so he could make a lip dub.

Nicholas LeTarte

Currently, the video has over 4,000 views.

But for LeTarte, he’s more focused on what the video does for the community.

“It’s very possible that kids in the community or staff members, they might not have a great home environment, they might be by themselves, so these little things we are doing I think do help people stay connected,” LeTarte said.

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