Mom cooks up her own form of self-therapy during home quarantine

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Those who are used to going to work and enjoying life outside of their homes are now forced to adjust to staying inside.

The stay-at-home order is still in effect in Michigan, and residents are encouraged to stay in their homes and social distance from others in the community.

Not only has Taylor resident Stephanie Idzior had to make the transition from working in her office to her living room, but she also struggles with being isolated from her elderly parents.

Aside from taking the time out of her day to drop food off to her parents and talking to them from her car, she has turned to cooking to occupy her free time.

She even has a food blog and Instagram account dedicated to her culinary creations.

“There is nothing more relaxing for me than just grabbing an ingredient, not even necessarily having a recipe, and just thinking about what I can make out of that and creating something beautiful out of three, four, five ingredients,” Idzior said.

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