Trump’s measures to contain COVID-19 find support

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ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital nurse Dodee Mapes

With the mass spread of the coronavirus, President Donald Trump has ordered many new precautions regarding the pandemic. Trump has placed a travel ban on 26 European countries into the United States in hopes to keep  the virus out. 

Michigan State University student Kailee Pearson said  the government is taking the necessary precautions to limit the coronavirus. 

“The European travel ban into the United States is a big thing,” Pearson said. “The president is doing what he can, but what can one person do to prevent the spread of the disease?”

Trump has advised citizens to wash their hands, practice social distancing, and avoid groups larger than 10 people. 

Western Michigan University student Ellie Heinz recently returned from a study abroad trip in Italy and has been self quarantining  since. 

“I understand why the government wants us to self quarantine, especially for the sake of our elders,” said Heinz. “It’s about showing common sense and compassion for others. I know in the end, I’ll be able to say I did what I could to prevent it.

“I appreciate President Trump providing future financial relief to college students. Although he could be doing more, I know that he is following similar precautions that other countries are taking as well,” said Heinz.

Trump has also told  states to start securing their own medical needs to fight the virus. 

Promedica Monroe Regional Hospital nurse Dodee Mapes is contributing to changes being made at the hospital during this virus. 

“We are not allowing any visitors into the hospital except for end-of-life patients and women having babies,” said Mapes. “We are screening every person that comes into the hospital and asking them questions related to symptoms of the virus. We are also cutting back on surgeries, and only one person is allowed to be with a surgical patient.” 

Mapes said, President Trump is doing a good job directing the pandemic. Every hospital has emergency procedures, but they’re not able to act on those until a state of emergency is called.

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