MSU wants students to be respectful with costumes

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A poster located in Owens Hall.

With Halloween next week, Michigan State wants students to be conscious of their costume choices.

Signs have been posted around some student living areas like Owen and Holden Halls asking if costumes are racially, ethnically or culturally based.

The “Culture is not a costume” posters include people dressed as native Americans, Chinese princesses and an alien holding a green card to represent illegal immigrants.

The signs aren’t new this year, but gained some attention after game show host Chuck Woolery falsely tweeted that the university banned costumes to his over 600,000 followers.

While the university is not banning any clothing articles, in a statement to Focal Point News, a MSU spokesperson said, “through the materials on cultural appropriation, we are encouraging students to consider the impact that their costume choices may have on others in order to create an environment where Spartans feel safe, welcome and appreciated.”

The posters aim to inform students of the difference between cultural appropriation, taking over practices of one culture without understanding, and cultural appreciation which is honoring the origins.

“I think a lot of students probably don’t mean harm with their halloween costumes but when they look at these they might realize how they can be really offensive to some,” Sabrina Taylor, a nursing freshman, said.

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