County commissioners approval needed for maintenance of facilities

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The Ingham County Facilities Department works with every department in the county to maintain the facilities within the county.

Director of county facilities Rick Terrill spoke at the commissioners’ March 19 meeting and requested approval for some upcoming projects. The committee votes on different projects and they were approved.

Commissioners have authorized 56 projects in the past two years. Those projects range anywhere from hanging a picture to fixing up a building, according to Terrill.

The department is currently working to find homes for workers in the public defender’s office. Terrill said, “Hope to have them all in their temporary space two weeks from now.”

The first time that Terrill spoke to the committee, he spoke about an asset plan and Commissioner Randy Maiville asked whether that was still happening. According to Terrill, it is, and it will improve the projects.

Another project the department is working on is a new animal control facility. Animal control overcrowding and overtime pay have been discussed multiple times this year in commission meetings.

“The building is on time and under budget,” said Terrill.

The grand opening for the facility is planned for April 14, immediately after this it will be used.

These are some of the projects the department works on through the county and the approval from the committee is vital to this work.

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