Recycling advocates call for Lansing processing facility

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Two recycling advocates told city leaders during a Feb. 25 meeting that Lansing should have a processing facility to serve mid-Michigan.

Kerrin O’Brien, a property owner in the city of Lansing and the East Lansing and executive director of the Michigan Recycling Coalition, supports the plan because it will fulfill the processing capacity of both Lansing and East Lansing.

Emily Freeman, a recycling specialist in Lansing and Jackson districts, as well as being a Lansing homeowner, supported the plan.

“In the mid-Michigan areas, all of the missed recyclables that are collected from the curb, all of that has to be transported out of the region to southeastern Michigan, or Traverse City, or Grand Rapids, because there is no facility to do the processing anywhere near the mid-Michigan area for that type of material.” Freeman said.

Emterra Environmental USA Corp., a Canadian corporation, made a presentation during the meeting about a recycling facility it wants to build in Lansing.

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